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Bushmaster Belt Rig - Free Shipping

Bushmaster Belt Rig - Free Shipping

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Our awesome Bushmaster Belt Rig! 

This belt rig was originally designed for civilian use in the jungle and swamp. We tested it in the Florida swamps, then we sent several down to the Amazon rain forest where they were very well liked.  We also took them out into other environments (mountains, desert, deciduous forests, etc.)  where they also excelled. This belt is fabricated from extremely tough Hypalon fabric that doesn't absorb water or stretch. Despite there being no padding, this is a very comfortable rig even when worn with just shorts and a t-shirt (or no shirt at all as they do down in the Amazonas a lot of the time). The removable shoulder harness is designed for when belt loads exceed about 10 lbs/4 Kg and to be worn under backpack shoulder straps when running things "British style" (letting the backpack sit on top of the belt rig's rear pouches - this lets the belt carry some of the load instead of having all the weight on the pack shoulder straps).  We sent several of these units down to the Amazon rain forest for evaluation and testing by several jungle survival skills instructors we know. These guys have tried all sorts of packs, belts, and other types of load-carrying equipment. After many months of hard use and testing, they sent back their evaluation: they aren't sending them back. They liked them so much they are keeping them. The Bushmaster Belt Rigs are now a part of their everyday kit.

The belt and back shoulder straps have laser cut PALS slots and slits for MOLLE attach. Lightweight. Comfortable. Extremely durable. 

Small Belt fits waist sizes 27 inches to 35 inches as measured on the outside of clothes.

Medium Belt fits waist sizes 33 inches to 42 inches as measured on the outside of clothes.

These belts are normally worn over clothes, so please measure over the outside of the clothes you'd normally wear while running this belt.

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