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Shoulder Harness, ALICE Pack - Free Shipping! (U.S.A. only)

Shoulder Harness, ALICE Pack - Free Shipping! (U.S.A. only)

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Our awesome Shoulder Harness was originally specially developed for the Becker Patrol Pack Mk II, but we decided to take it one step further and make a version of the harness that's compatible with ALICE packs to help out ALICE pack users! This harness is COMFORTABLE! It is also more stable than individual straps, especially with heavier loads, when maneuvering on steep/uneven terrain, and when running. You're going to love it!

We've tried a lot of shoulder straps and a harness or two on ALICE packs (MOLLE II as well as some aftermarket, commercially made offerings) and this is absolutely hands down the best shoulder suspension system we have used. Very comfortable! It really shines with heavy loads!

In one word: AWESOME!

Please note that these harnesses are difficult to keep in stock. If sold out/not in stock, please contact us. 

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