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Large Becker Patrol Pack - Free Shipping!

Large Becker Patrol Pack - Free Shipping!

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Introducing the LARGE Becker Patrol Pack!

The Large Becker Patrol Pack (LBPP) is the big brother to the Becker Patrol Pack Mk II and it, too, is fully approved, authorized, and endorsed by Mr. Ethan Becker. The LBPP has a capacity of 65 liters (4000 cu. in.) and is rated to 90 pounds (vs. the 41 liters and 50 lbs of the Mk II). We consider the LBPP to be a 5 day (plus) pack. 

The  LBPP came about due to multiple requests from regular BPP users who asked us for a pack with more capacity and load-carrying ability.   

When designing the LBPP, we made it both internal and external frame-capable. Some people prefer an internal frame all the time, but we found that, when carrying loads above about 50 pounds, external frames are really the better way to go. Compared to the BPP Mk II, we increased the size of the main compartment - just enough to fit on legacy ALICE and current issue MOLLE 4000/Marine Pack frames -  and enlarged the outside front and side pouches slightly. We also increased the width of the zippered lid pouch. In addition, we added a zippered pouch with pass-throughs immediately above the two front pouches. (This pouch is the same size as the zippered pouch on the lid.) Next, we added a small zippered pouch on each side of the left and right side pouches. These small pouches are each sized to hold two tourniquets (TMT, CAT, SAM, etc.) or two 30-round 5.56 MagPul magazines. The LBPP's capacity is virtually identical to that of the current issue MOLLE 4000 rucksack.

The LBPP comes set up like the BPP Mk II with an internal frame sheet, shoulder harness, removable waist belt, and removable lumbar pad, but it can be configured with various external pack frames such as the current issue MOLLE 4000 ruck / Marine Corps Pack frame (DEI 1606-MC), legacy ALICE frames (issue and aftermarket), and the newer DEI 1622 Arch* frame. The LBPP comes with an additional waist belt to use with the above-listed external frames. 

NOTE: Customers will need to source their preferred external frame. This is because a lot of people already have compatible frames (see above) and also because, just like with favorite flavors of ice cream, people have different favorite external frames.

* When using the DEI 1622 Arch frame, the lumbar pad should be installed on the pack to fill the gap between the bottoms of the frame legs. 

Where are they made? Our packs are made by our own fabrication crew in Colombia, South America. This gives our customers a fantastic value and it allows us total control of the entire process and the ability to consistently meet our high quality standards while maintaining a reliable delivery schedule. 

What hardware is used?  The hardware used is made in Colombia by Jordao, a Colombian company that has been manufacturing high-quality plastic hardware for over two decades. For Multicam packs, the Tan 499 hardware utilized is made in the U.S.A. by ITW or Duraflex. The zippers are a product of EKA Zippers and they are also made in Colombia. It's all good stuff!

What's the fabric used? Our go-to fabric for the LBPP is the Colombian-made and most excellent Lafayette Huracan polyester. In the Amazon jungle, where it's hot, humid, and wet much of the time, high-quality polyester has proven to hold up better than nylon and, unlike nylon, it doesn't absorb water or stretch when wet. It also has a higher heat tolerance than most nylons and it doesn't stain as readily. Layfayette Reebag and Huracan are the only polyester fabrics we will use. This is because our research has shown these two fabrics to be superior to all the other polyesters tested. They're our fabrics of choice when hard use and extended exposure to the outdoors is the norm. Multicam packs will utilize U.S.A. made Brookwood Mil-Spec nylon fabric.

What does the LBPP weigh? Set up with internal frame sheet, the LBPP's all-up weight averages 7 lbs 2 oz / 3.2 Kg and right at 8 lbs / 3.6 Kg with a DEI 1606-MC frame. (For comparison, the current-issue MOLLE 4000 rucksack without air items and with its DEI 1606-MC frame weighs in at 9 lbs 7 oz.) 

The Large Becker Patrol Pack is a highly capable and very useful addition to the Becker Patrol Pack line and it's a fantastic choice for those 5+ day excursions out in the boonies!

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